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Here’s What Happened When We Did It For Heath Media, The Most Well Known Facebook Ads Agency In The World...

Oli and his sales team have generated millions of dollars in revenue for my business, signing up well over 100 clients. Having handled all sales personally before working with Oli, I was very nervous about giving up that responsibility. But Oli converted a higher percentage of prospects from day one and proactively worked to improve the sales process continuously. Their work has really helped my business succeed and I would strongly recommend working with them.

Ben Heath,


Ben Heath

@BenHeath ‧ 231K subscribers ‧ 579 videos

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The most effective closers are able to understand all areas of marketing, as well as sales.

When going door to door and selling a vacuum cleaner, you could be a bad salesperson and you might get lucky finding people who will buy from you on impulse. However when it comes to selling services worth hundreds/thousands of dollars, there is no such thing as luck. Business owners are smart, and they are aware of dozens of agencies that do what you do. If you do anything other than blow them away on your call, they will not sign. Even having a GOOD call is not enough. It needs to be amazing from start to finish- the offer, the rapport, the knowledge that you present, and the trust that you build.

The key is to be able to come across like you understand the prospect’s business, and act as a consultant, not just a salesperson.

Every prospect joins a call expecting to be promised the moon and sold a service, but the real conversions happen when you gain someone’s trust and give them good advice on where they should head with their business. And not just random advice, but advice that is clearly tailored to them and shows that you have really understood their business and that you are not just trying to sell whatever you can.

If you don’t become an expert, a consultant, and a great salesperson, then you will constantly be losing out to the agencies that really do come across as experts in their field.

The agency space is becoming so saturated, that your prospect is either speaking to or being approached by at least a dozen other agencies at the same time. Some will have as good an offer as you, others will have as good case studies as you, and so the best way to differentiate yourself is by winning them over on the sales call with knowledge, charm, and genuinely useful guidance.

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No we do not. We handle your sales call and only come in once a call has been booked into the calendar. We do have trusted outreach partners who we will gladly refer you to if you meet certain criteria. They have booked dozens of meetings per month for both ourselves and many of our clients

We believe communication is key, and we seek to provide you with as many touch points as possible. Before the call, we will do research and put it in our CRM for you to view. Once the call is over we will provide you with a voice note/paragraph on how the meeting went, as well as writing an update in our CRM. At the end of each week, we also provide a summary of all the relevant statistics

As much as is needed! We limit the amount of clients each closer has to make sure

We cater to all markets but prioritize the United States.

All of our closers have extensive experience in digital marketing and have worked with multiple clients across services. We will allocate the best closer to your agency, which will undoubtedly have experience in your field.

Our closers are based in North America, the UK, and South Africa.

We charge a small monthly retainer to block time out in our calendars and integrate ourselves into your business. The rest is on commission on deals we close for you!

We sure do! Once a prospect has booked, it is then up to us to close them for you. We will do weekly follow-ups until we deem the prospect no longer active. Every quarter we also get back in touch with previous leads

We will onboard you within a couple of days of you signing with us, and it usually takes 5-10 working days for us to familiarize ourselves with your offer and get ready to take your calls!

We use Zoom or Google Meets (which we set up for you)

Absolutely! Our interests are aligned with yours, and we will always seek to collaborate with our clients to improve their offers based on our insights.

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The CEO and driving force behind the results at CloseShark. Boasting an impressive two-decade career in sales, Ross has honed his skills in team building, sales training, and the art of successful and ethical selling. 

Beyond his business prowess, Ross brings a unique dimension to the table as a qualified counselor and psychotherapist, affording him a profound understanding of human dynamics and relationships. Ross has previously served as the Head of E-commerce for Europe’s largest construction supplier, commanding a team of over 50 sales professionals. 

At CloseShark, Ross McLaren’s seasoned expertise and empathetic leadership converge, ensuring the company stands at the forefront of excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of sales and marketing.

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